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About us!

logo_vet_com_finale_transpWho are we?
We are a group of veterinarians who have created the Albanian Veterinary Medicine Forum to connect with our fellow Albanian colleagues around the world.

Our Purpose:
Our aim is to unite Albanian veterinarians worldwide and provide them the opportunity to consult among colleagues, share information, and materials. We hope to create an environment where colleagues will also be able to exchange ideas and have the opportunity to read the scientific studies related to the field of veterinary medicine.

Who is in this forum?
This group has some real pioneers with colleagues from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, but the members of this forum, those who will be able to do this site its true justice, are all those colleagues who will be active participants.

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4 tetor dita e kafsheve

dita boterore veterinarise 2013

Nuk lejohet ripublikimi i artikujve te revistes online “Veterineret”! pjeserisht apo te plota.

Keto ripublikime jane te ndaluara te botohen pa lejen e marre nga redaksia e revistes ”Veterineret”. Ju lutemi ne çdo rast citimi apo referimi nga tekstet tona, shenoni linkun perkates ne

Për pyetje dhe sugjerime ju lutemi të na shkruani në adresën :

Sugjeruar nga Dr Agim Nelaj


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